Neo-tantra workshop

Neo Tantra includes original practices from traditional Tantra with modifications to suite modern man. The new approach includes breathing techniques, emotional release, movement, sound, dance, touch, tantric ceremonies, active and interactive meditations, cleansing of the chakras and other methods of moving the Kundalini energy (prana) through the body.

The experiential practices will give you a new insight into your vital energy. It will allow you to extend the boundaries of your sexual and emotional life, to experience self love by honoring your intuition , spontaneity, trust and intimacy. It heals and release painful physical and emotional memories and creates true and honest relationships. 

In the workshop we’ll nurture you and teach you to find your individual wisdom and encourage you to follow the inner guidance of the body.

What are the benefits of this workshop?

Feel good about yourself * increase your capacity for more pleasure * accept yourself for who your are * feel more attractive and confident * release deep body memories * improve relationship and see others for who they are * learn to trust your intuition * learn to express your deepest emotions and be a better lover * Release blocks dealing with sexual energy * heal the inner child that represents your emotional responses * increase your capacity to give and receive love * Increase your erotic potential * prolong lovemaking generating and containing more energy.

Private Sessions for Couples and Singles in English

Avishag Haya Caspi

One of the founders and leaders of Tantra in Israel, conducts workshops and private sessions since 2000, for couples. women and singles. Teach Holistic Sexuality, yearly course at Tiltan/Bar-Ilan College in Tel-Aviv. Participated in Sexology congresses around the world with Oren Gani(R.I.P.). Graduated from Margo Anand’s SkyDancing Tantra School, U.S.A. Appears in Israeli TV, Radio and Newspapers. Background: Psychology B.A., Dance & Movement.

The “Art of Love” workshop, Kopangan, Thailand. August 19-23. for details & video click here